There are no second thoughts about the fact that art and drama have been an integral part of the human civilization right from the beginning of it. Be it the crude forms played in a village theater group or the highly refined and polished forms in any professional studio, the basic need for such means of leisure is felt universally and in fact is no more ‘just another way’ of entertainment. The modern day drama or play is indeed a complex and interesting process that involves apart from the obvious skill of acting, several other child skills such as music, dances, sound and light management, make up and many more such.

The birth of Broadway is one of the most iconic steps, a milestone to be precise in the world of art and drama today. It is indeed one of the most prestigious and touted platforms today that actors from all over the world consider a pilgrim!

The Broadway is a region of the New York City, the neighborhood of Manhattan to be specific that houses 40 of the very professional performing theaters in the country. It runs from the Bowling Green area in the south to the Inwood located at the north. It stretches the entire borough and is univocally, the central seat of the American society of dramatization and related performing arts.

Although the present day scenario sees a very position of these performing arts and then places that stage them, it was not the case always. In fact, the city did not have a theater until the 70s and the actors Walter Murray and Thomas Kean opened the first theater that seated around 280 people in the famed Nassau Street. It was later, probably a decade later that the industry started flourishing and with it, paved for the popular theater culture.

The small theater by Murray and Kean was the first Broadway Theater in the city and their debut play; The Beggar’s Opera was run for a mere five times and was organized by British ballad opera by John Gay. It played its first ever show on the 3rd of December 1750.

Over all these years, the number and style of plays staged in these 40 theaters in the Theater District of Manhattan, that the world better knows as Broadway has changed substantially. From romantic tragedies an classical plays by famous playwrights like William Shakespeare, Eugene O’Neill and man more to the more chic and uptown plays of the recent years that address the various political and social concerns, the journey is certainly an upright one!

It is one of the most common tourist trends in the New York city to visit the street and see a play in one of the Broadway theaters or even the Off-Broadway ones (theaters outside the 11 Block, Broadway borough). TKTS is a ticketing booth system spread across different locations in the city like Lower Manhattan, Times Square, Duffy Square and Brooklyn. The discounts, lotteries or ‘rush-hour’ tickets all attract common people and make the overall sell of the theaters high.

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Broadway; Your Personal Guide To The World Of Broadway Theatricals

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